It’s a good thing the book got finished before I started training for the new job I’m at, because it would have taken even longer. If it would have been finished at all.

There’s a lot of things I haven’t been doing that I’d planned on, partly because some other things have popped up along the way that require my attention. Also because this training is mentally kicking my butt. ( Seriously, just 2-3 hours a day and some days I am fried. )

You see, I’ve worked in the same industry for 25 years, since the age of 19. It’s all I’ve really done and all I really know. The last 10 of those 25 years I have been wanting to get out of it and on to something new. Well, my opportunity came this past July, and I swore that as much as it would make things easier, I would find employment in a new field. Which is in the process of happening now, assuming I finish training and get my license.

I expected it to be a challenge, learning something new after so long. What I didn’t expect was how challenging it would actually be. Truth is, there’s been a moment or two where I’ve thought to myself, ” What the hell am I doing here?”Largely due to the frustration of not knowing the ropes and wanting to do well. And let’s be honest, wanting to not look stupid.

Fortunately, this is one of those situations where age and experience come to the rescue. It’s knowing this:

There’s so much I know, but the most important is knowing what I don’tknow.

It’s knowing that, going into this new field, I am an almost completely blank page. Accepting that, as ignorant as I am about this stuff, tomorrow I won’t be as ignorant. The stupid mistake I made today won’t happen tomorrow. Skills I struggle with tomorrow will be second nature the week after.

And there will be more mistakes, more sheepish moments. I just have to keep reminding myself.

Can you imagine having that wisdom in your late teens, early twenties? How much more we may’ve learned, easier and faster, if we knew how to set aside ego?

There’s a lot of things we know, but the most important is knowing there’s a lot more that we don’t.