I have long enjoyed writing. In addition to creative endeavors I’m also a former free lance writer with contributions to local and national publications

Not everything is profound, but every once in a while something comes out that surprises even me. When this happens I say it “just wrote itself.” I wish it were that easy all the time. Now that I’m able to devote more time to writing, and feel like it’s as good a time as any to share some of it with the world, here we are.

In the Fall of 2018 I finished the first draft of my first novel, a post apocalyptic story of survival set in a small rural town. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon. Even George R.R. Martin would think, “Damn, what’s taking him so long?”

My family and I live in rural Upstate NY with a small menagerie of farm animals including three very spoiled goats and a half demented, geriatric pain in the ass beagle.