Sometimes things pop into my head and I wonder, “Has anyone else ever thought of that?” No great revelations or anything, just random thoughts that come to me when I observe the world around me. For example:

  • You ever drive by a cat alongside the street? Notice the way they crouch down as if to hide? They’re not hunting mice, they’re up to some shady shit.
  • Last week I was driving to a friend’s house. On the way there were 4-5 houses in a row with signs on the front lawn that read, “Hate Has No Home Here.” I thought that if I lived near them, I’d get one that reads, “Fuck It, Come On In Hate” just for a laugh. I’d be the only one laughing, no doubt.
  • This morning I noticed an ant was stuck to my windshield as I drove along at 55mph. It occurred to me that, to that ant, that mile and a half ride must be equivalent to a couple thousand miles. What a conundrum: make the trek back home or set up shop on your own in a strange land? I didn’t get to ask him because he let go.
  • It’s no secret I like old things. The other day I realized that every time I see old children’s books, I have to take an extra moment to appreciate the art work that went into them. There’s something different about the books and illustrations from the earlier 20th century I like.

Weird, I know.

  • I wonder why “Happy Birthday”, a song associated with what is supposed to be a happy event sounds so much like a dirge. Other than getting older sucks.
  • What if O.J. really didn’t do it?
  • Who green lighted Crocs? I can just see it now:

“Jenkins, these are the ugliest excuse for a shoe a person could think of.”

“But sir, just think of all the people too fat or too lazy to bend over and tie a shoe.”

“Jenkins, you’re a genius!”

And for the record, I have a pair. Which means only six more signs to the Apocalypse.

  • You think tree limbs ever get tired?