One of the things I missed over the past 15 years was being out, moving around the community each day. You want to drive me insane, stick me in a place with no windows. Fortunately that’s no longer the case.

There’s a lot of things you see, driving around the county each day. For one, laws against cell phone use and texting while driving are doing absolutely no good. None. Zero, zip, nada. A couple days I started counting and these idiots just got to be such a regular sight I gave up.

Similarly, people walking and texting. I don’t know about you, but I was taught to look both ways before crossing a street. Of course a good driver will scan an intersection for someone in the crosswalk anyway, but nowadays you really need to because of the pedestrians who have more important things to do, like texting, than watch where they’re going.

I read one time a theory that modern medicine has all but halted human evolution. Maybe those days are returning.

On the upside, driving around in the wee early morning hours is kind of a treat right now as people have their homes decorated for the holiday season. It’s not only nice to see, but entertaining in a way. You have the people who have their house lit up like Clark W. Griswold’s and then you have those who have a limp strand of 100 count lights draped over a shrub and call it good.

Perhaps the thing that’s caused me to ponder the most is the dog walkers I see in the more suburban areas. Dog leash in one hand, and grocery bag of dog poop in the other, they merrily make their morning rounds before work, school, etc.

It’s that bag that got me wondering one day. First off, now that our wonderful governor has seen fit to ban plastic grocery bags, what are people going to put the dog poop in? Or will there be more unwanted piles left in neighbors’ yards?

Ultimately though, the question that has me the most stumped is this: What do the dogs think about their human carrying that around?

Think about it. You get a puppy and have to house train it. You scold them when they go on the rug. Eventually they get the message and learn to tell you they need to go outside and empty out.

Only to have the human pick it up and take it with them.

If there’s room for such thought in a dog’s brain, I can only imagine what must be running through their minds in the moments after they’re done squatting:

“Ah, much better, now to get back in where its war- Wait, what is she… is she… she’s picking it up? Taking it with her?!

For God’s sake Karen, really? If you were just gonna pick it up and take it with you, I could have done this on the carpet and save you the effort and both of us the cold!”